Marry Me, Barbara!
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Because I can’t imagine living life without my best friend and partner…

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After five years, I'm not under any false impressions about you—or us. It's long enough that we have been through pretty much anything with each other and come out the other side.

We have been through it all:

If you've been waiting for a marriage proposal,
here are the keys to my heart!

We’ve been through it all. And we’re still here…

We've been through five years of trial by fire and hanging in there through thick and thin. Of course, the "thick" part has made it all worth it. We haven't just survived. We have thrived!

And here we are, well into the second half of the game of life. We know what to expect with each other. We have each other's back. And, truth be told, there's no one in the world I would rather spend the rest of life with than you.

So, Barbara Molle, my best friend, my lover,
my beloved partner in life… will you marry me?

In case you need some reasons:

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