Marry Me, Barbara!
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Because I can’t imagine living life without my best friend and partner…

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For most people, relationships are hard work until you get the hang of them and, most importantly, stop resisting. Getting the hang of it means you learn how to navigate through our human frailties with an open heart and willing spirit.

Wish I could say I have always been there, but I haven’t. Yet now, it seems much of the hard work has been done, and it is becoming a joy to be in this relationship with you almost all of the time. Even the exceptions are getting easier, shorter and less disrupting.

Anyway, honey, a Valentines proposal would not be complete without the poem I wrote you four years ago that seems to capture the process. I know how much you love this poem.

Here goes.

Just Here to Be

By Tim Smith for Barbara, Valentines Day 2010

Let me become unraveled at your front door,

Melt into puddles upon your kitchen floor.

Let me open up my armor and thus make bare

My silly innards, my puppy heart as I dare.

Let me air my dirty laundry for you to plainly see

As my deepest, darkest secrets ooze out of me.

I'll call off the guard dogs and let the watchman go,

Take off my weapons, shed my arrows and my bow.


My shadow is confused as it slowly disarms,

For my heart beats wide open in your waiting arms.

And I'm just here to be, and see what is this "we"

That we are creating and allowing so presently.

It feels like home, like family, like best friends so fine

This state of connection that makes you my Valentine.

Valentines Day Poem for Barbara in 2010