Marry Me, Barbara!
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Because I can’t imagine living life without my best friend and partner…

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Just in case it matters, sweetheart, I asked some people who know us to offer a few words of wisdom about the idea. You know… in case you need a little extra convincing.

Read this page to hear what these folks had to say.

Should you go for it? Here’s what some people say…

You Two Rock Together

“Great idea! You two really rock together and besides, you keep telling me how much you love him and enjoy being with him.

Besides, I think Smith-Molle (or Molle-Smith) sounds better than Daniel-Molle. And more fun!!!! If you say yes, you won’t have to introduce me as your partner and Tim as your partnerhe can be your husband! ”
—Susan Daniel, Barbara’s partner in Daniel-Molle

You Laugh with One Another

“Madre, I've heard you say several times you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with Tim so I'm pretty sure you've been looking forward to this. Fortunately (for all of us), Tim's a great guy. You both are creative together, you complement each other and most importantly you laugh with one another (nobody else understands your jokes so thank goodness for that).

And as long as he promises to take good care of you and feed you lots of kale, you both have my blessing.

  1. However, my stipulations to you saying yes are this: No more fighting drunk kids in Big Bear
  2. Be insanely successful with all your projects you two are doing together, and (most importantly)
  3. Have a Cabo wedding

That's all. Oh, and congratulations and love…”
—Mishan Andre, Barbara’s first born son

It’s a Match for Lasting Love

“I am thrilled! This is spectacular news. I am so so SO happy for you both. Happy Valentines Day.

What I would say to Barbie: He's got those healing hands, warm heart, true soul, honest communication, you get each other's quirky humor, and he can keep up with your zest for life! It's a match made for long lasting love.”
—Kim Kunkel, close friend of Barbara’s

You Two Just FIT

“Barbara, you have made some mistakes in the past  (as we all have) but being with Tim is not one of them! You and Tim just FIT (like soul mates). You enhance and strengthen each other. You work well together, play well, laugh often, and love deeply, are able to accept each other as you both REALLY are. It's beautiful!  

Tim is offering you his hearta heart full of love and compassionjust jump in!  "Love doesn't make the world go round. It is what makes the ride worthwhile." (Anonymous quote). We love you both.”
Paula & Ken Alban, family and friends

This is the Best Valentine of All

“I'm crying happy tears as I thrill with the news and write this to you after exploring and admiring this beautiful website!! What a wonderful tribute to your love for each other!!! I can only wish you both all the joy and happiness that's in my heart for you. This is the best valentine of all—fabulous news for such a great couple, I'm so very truly happy for you both! Much love…”

—Jeanette Ditter, close friend of Barbara’sDearest

You Two are Both a Great Catch

“Girlfriend, what an incredibly romantic proposal. How could anyone refuse???? It made me cry, really. (Tim really knows how to do it.)

Behold the reverence of life's journeys: the paths that lead us from one station to anotherme to you (Spirit Rock meditation group), me to Tim (25 years in an unhappy marriage and and then you to Tim. Some things are just meant to be. Stuff happens for a reason and this is very good stuff.

You are a great catch, Barbara and so is Tim. Together you have made beautiful things happen, and no doubt there is much more to follow.  

Mike and I wish you many lifetimes of love and joy.

Congratulations and much love,”

—Renee Uhlig, Barbara’s girlfriend who introduced us. (Renee and Tim had been dating prior to that.

Excited to Call Tim Brother in Law

"The Long and Winding Road" Yes, you have been on the long and winding road' of love, togetherness, love, break up, love, back together, now ‘to infinity and beyond.’ I read Tim's email about asking you to marry him and I just sat here and cried. How divine, for your love seems to be just that.… divine and divinely blessed.

Seeeee, my sweet sistie beautiful (ugly), it is never too late! Terry and I wish you both many more years of health and laughter, outdoors fun, travel, creative design, family visits, in matrimony. And of course, I am excited to call Tim my brother in law....for real.

I love you both so very much. Laurie, your little sistie ugly (beautiful).”
—Lauren Schroeder, Barbara’s sister

You Two Manifest Loving Partnership

“I’ve enjoyed witnessing Tim’s evolution over a number of years, and you two are his perfect manifestation of loving partnership. You’re both especially wise and loving and beautiful and have already created a wonderful home and family together.

I’m honored and inspired by your warmth and friendship and excited to be a part of the amazing future you’re going to create together.”
—Craig Mason, men’s group buddy of Tim’s

You Two Are Great for Each Other

“Congratulations brother in law to be. I am so happy for my sister and you. I have wanted her to be happily married like Patty and me for many years. I think she deserves happiness, and I believe the two of you can have that. I/we think you are great for each other.

We want to offer you both the best of luck and love. Thank you for sharing your proposal with us. We're happy Barbara accepted. I wasn't sure she'd do it. Love from Patty and me…”
—Marc Horowitz, Barbara’s brother

Never Seen Barbara so Happy, Peaceful

“For some time now I have been telling Barbara about  my happiness for her in her very special relationship with this very special man. I have never seen her quite so happy and peaceful. You have my vote to tie the knot.”  
—Valerie Skonie and Mr. T, long-time friends

Strengths Complement One Another

“Barbara’s and Tim’s strengths really complement one another. Neither of them expects their relationship to be perfect, and they both work hard at it—and show the results of all the energy they put into it! It’s a privilege to be in the presence of what they have created together.”
—Natalie Brundred, business associate and friend

You’re Both Happier Together

“You've built a business together,
You've built a home together,
You're "reigniting the passion" together,
You're both happier since you have been in one another's life. Seems to me like you guys do pretty great together. With love…”
—Devin Andre, Barbara’s younger son

You Aren’t Already Married?

“Wait, you aren't already married? It sure feels like you're married. You guys are better off than most people who are actually married. You love each other and are as good together as anybody I know who's married. To be honest, sometimes I forget you're not TECHNICALLY married.

Sometimes I wonder how long until you do get married. Turns out we all wish you were married. In fact, I think you should get married! If all those other people are married, it would be a shame if you weren't.”
—Lance Smith, Tim’s son

On Engagement, Kale and Other Rants

“What a wonderful website! (except the damn song keeps repeating, and its getting kinda creepy)

And wonderful news!

I have been struck by how many times you have told me how happy you are with Barbara, and how you finally found "it!" (I also have been struck by how often you seemed high when saying it.)

Nevertheless, you finally have found a full-time therapist! What a gift of God and a stroke of genius! Now when you have marital troubles, you simply can lie on the couch and have her tell you how wrong you are! And you don't have to pay for it! What foresight! You couldn't get that from Obamacare!

I read all of the testimonials, and wish you would have given me (or the rest of the Smith family) an opportunity to chime in. But, that's probably why we weren't asked; after all, I remember my ninth marriage (or was it the tenth?) when you orchestrated the "toga party" for the rehearsal, and then almost got in a fight with the "officiant" (you remember, the Unitarian dude who married me; for a price, I suppose I was lucky; no other religious person would have been caught dead doing it).

I had to slip the old coot an extra hundred just so he would show up for the wedding, not knowing what you might have in store after the "toga rehearsal." Yeah, you blocked me successfully from a full Monty testimonial. So I guess you still have some faculties intact.

As for Barbara. Positives: full time live in therapist; pretty cool blue eyes; lives in the same state; is slightly looney enough to actually find your jokes funny. Negatives: full time live in therapist; lives in the same state; looney enough to find your jokes funny; eats kale (what the Hell is kale?); leaves dirty dishes in the sink !!! you've gotta be kidding!! I thought all women knew better than to live with a Smith man and leave friggin dirty dishes in the sink!!

And doesn't appreciate having the cupboards and refrigerator organized with everything in its' "rightful" place - you gotta be kidding!! This is the poison pill!! Mark my words, this is gonna lead to divorce!!! First, you'll find something moved slightly out of its rightful place ever so slowly into an adjacent place. Don't be fooled by this!! Your puppy love will convince you that it was a mere mistake --- until you find it even more removed from its rightful place!!

Then, the next thing you know, it will be in the adjacent cupboard!! This will be the ultimate act of  passive-aggressive response!! By then, you'll be the proverbial fucking frog whose been slowly boiled to death!! So as your brother (who wasn't invited to provide a testimonial, and still can't figure out why!!) I must warn you now: Run!!! Take you friggin Tupperware containers and labels with you now!! Don't leave any inventories behind!! Then seek professional help.

Now, you haven't asked me, but I would google "sex therapist Santa Rosa" and go see the first one on the page whose name begins with "B." Tell her what a myopic person you've been living with (also tell her how grateful you are for your siblings, most of whom are very humble). And when you have to negotiate the separation agreement --- give her the friggin Kale!!!

Well, now that I have gotten that off my chest, I'm gonna go have a bowl of kale!

Congratulations! I love you! I wish you both well! Enjoy the kale  together. And let me know what color kitchen cupboard you want for the wedding!
—Jonathan Smith, Tim’s deranged attorney brother